The best stories have soul, rhythm + just the right amount of dissonance.

In hindsight it always seems to be the smallest moments that direct our future.  At 11 years old and in the midst of learning Jimi Hendrix and Pearl Jam songs, my music teacher slipped “Straight, No Chaser” into the mix.  This was my introduction to Thelonious Monk and what would be the first of many seeds planted that would lead to my love of jazz music.

When brainstorming names for a business it’s easy to create names that are catchy or fit the market, but ultimately have no reference for the values of the business and don’t provide inspiration for the work.

Watch archival footage and you’ll see how Thelonious Monk would stomp his feet at a discretion that was no where near the beat.  Just like his music, the step of his foot was so off beat but couldn’t have been more on target.

Thelonious Step is based on the inspiration and influence of style, dissonance, and originality that Thelonious Monk instilled in me from an early age.  It is not a statement of the quality or originality of my work, solely a goal.